99 problems and you ain’t one

99 problems and you ain’t one

I remember the first time I started speaking to businesses outside of the corporate markets about Customer Experience.

Businesses just like yours.

They would look at me like I was from Mars!

It wasn’t entirely their fault though.

After 20 years of working with Corporate clients, I was a little bit brainwashed with their terminology.

We’d start a conversation at a business event or networking group, which would go something like this:

Business Leader: “So, what do you do then?”

Me: “We help people build brand advocacy and loyalty”

Business Leader: “Oh”


Business Leader: “Ok, well have a good evening, I really must say hello to Dave over there as I haven’t caught up with him in ages”

It just wasn’t their language

They had 99 problems to deal with, but I wasn’t one of them.

This was so alien for me

In the Corporate world Customer Experience was in the Top 3 priorities of 95% of CEO’s i spoke to. Was there really such a difference in the mid-market and larger SME’s?

Perhaps it was because I was new to the groups, I thought.

So I joined several business groups to build more long term relationships and break down the barriers.

I got on great with the people, but it was still the same several months after going to those same groups and getting to know people.

It was only when I got to speak to people on a 1:1 level that I would be able to explain it effectively…

and even then it would start with “I don’t really understand what it is that you do….”

But after a while I learned to transform from that corporate monster into a normal human again

And I remember the message getting through a lot easier once I started saying to people “We help business leaders attract and retain more customers, by creating experiences that their ideal customers fall in love with”

That kept their interest long enough for me to then explain that by doing so we were able to give them sustainable business growth, higher margins, loyal customers and lower operating costs.

These were words that they understood very clearly and held in their highest priority.

It turns out that by delivering a better experience I was able to tackle over 50% of the priorities they already had on their list to deal with

Growing customer numbers…

Growing profit & margin…

Reducing operating costs…

Improving product proposition…

(I must write a blog on differentiating your proposition. Market disruption seems to be on everyone’s list at the moment and I have a great case to share with you)

Anyway, where were we?



Employee Engagement….

Customer insights….

The links to their priorities just went on and on and on.

So it turned out that most business leaders have 99 problems in their business, but the challenges and topics are just the same.

It turns out that we just talk about it in a human language.

And once you get to that place, it’s easy to demonstrate how Customer Experience can make serious improvements to your business.

Problems that you already have!

If you want to talk to us about your problems to see if we can help (Just business, we are not paid therapists), then book a call in on the link below. Chances are we can probably fix some of your biggest challenges you have right now too

Speak soon

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