The rise of the brand experience

Smarter shoppers, higher expectations and the challenges of today’s technology are forcing businesses to rethink their approach.

Competitive advantage is no longer about price or product design, but about how you make your employees and customers feel. And with the importance of brand experiences only set to explode, differentiating your proposition has never been more essential.

Your brand is much more than just a logo and colour scheme. It’s your unique identity that sets you apart from the rest. It’s what gives your business soul, personality, and what makes it feel alive. It’s an experience.

When growing a business, you need to create an experience that matches the size and ambition of your company, and that will change as you become more successful. The brands that go on to dominate their markets are the ones that understand this and invest in it.

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Putting the power in your hands

With increasing overheads and pressure on price point, you might not have the budget for expensive consultancy or an in-house experience department.

This is where Beyond Brand’s unique portfolio of products gives you the power to confidently design and lead your own brand experience,
at an affordable price.

You don’t need technical experience to change your brand experience with us – our methodology is easy to follow, whether you’re a small business owner or a leader in a larger organisation.

Whoever and wherever you are, you’ll be able to create a future-proof experience strategy that creates the kind of brand advocacy you need.

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Phase 1: Discovery

Is your current experience as amazing as you think it is?

The only way to know is to assess your current position. With the Beyond Brand Experience Maps, you can do just that. Each option will give you rich and meaningful data about your current brand experience, showing you what you need to develop to supercharge your business and profits.

We offer three Experience Maps:

1. Individual

Designed for individual business leaders, this detailed questionnaire measures the strength of your current brand experience, highlights problem areas and makes recommendations on how to turn them around.

2. Team

Building on the insights from the Individual Map, this version requires all members of the leadership team to complete their own questionnaire. The report then compares how they rate the experience before a gap analysis is created. This helps agree a collective view of where the brand experience is today, and gives focus for future initiatives.

3. Enterprise

This Map overlays the views of your key stakeholders, including: business leaders, employees and customers, uncovering valuable insights on how your experience is currently perceived. With a detailed reporting pack full of rich and insightful data, you’ll have the foundations you need to build the perfect experience.

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Phase 2: Design

Knowing where your experience is today is just the
beginning. You then need to construct a simple, memorable and impactful strategy that places emotion at its core.

Building an emotional connection between your brand and consumers is much more than just creating a product suite and logo. That’s because you don’t get long term loyalty from a product or service, you get it from the way you make someone feel.

The Design Phase is all about helping you plan that emotional and impactful brand experience, and gives you the strategy you need to ensure your customers find you easy to do business with and keep coming back for more.

Through a three-day, face to face workshop, we’ll work through a series of practical exercises that can be completed on your own business model, allowing profitable changes to be made quickly and effectively.

We’ll also work with you and your team to uncover new ways to reduce operating costs, while creating a consistent and compelling experience that your customers will fall in love with.

Together, we’ll examine topics like: developing your differentiation, understanding your perfect customers, and how to convert customer information into insights and value.

You’ll come away with a wealth of templates, workbooks and planning documents to aid your plan’s implementation, and will be able to see how and when changes will be delivered. Overall, you’ll see a true return on your investment that translates into loyal customers, happy employees and ultimately, higher profits.

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Phase 3: Delivery

Are you rushed off your feet? Or unsure who in your business would own and implement the brand experience?

If so, we can help.

If you’re struggling to see the wood for the trees, or want an external expert to set up and execute your strategy, we’ll be there for you. From coaching and mentoring support, to working with the leadership team in a NED type customer role, we’ll create a bespoke package that works with your requirements.

Whether you need a day a month or day a week, we’ll tailor a package to your needs and make sure there’s always someone available to help.

By delegating to us, you’ll have the time to focus on other business priorities and be safe in the knowledge that your experience will be implemented quickly, effectively and profitably.

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Making you a market leader

Making your brand irresistible doesn’t just happen by chance, it’s a science.

We break your transformational journey down into three key phases: Discovery, Design and Delivery. Through these, we use a unique methodology to help you understand where your business is today, show you what’s possible, and then help you deliver those results.

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A brand isn’t just a brand

It’s an experience. And investing in that experience will be the single most important thing you can do to deliver the kind of loyalty and advocacy that will make you a market leader.

Whether it’s people aspiring to work for you, or customers being loyal to you, the quality and consistency of your brand experience will be what makes you stand out from the crowd.

But don’t just take our word for it, our framework has been tried and tested on the likes of John Lewis, RBS, Mercedes, LV=, Audi, Direct Line Group and Jaguar Land Rover.

Are you ready to lead the market?

Then why not begin your transformational journey today by booking in a free 30-minute consultation. We don’t believe in the hard sell, but will happily discuss our options and help determine your business priorities.

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